Welcome to my little corner of the internet which contains a broad selection of 3D and VFX related work that I’ve had the pleasure to work on over the years.
My name is Joep Peters and I’m a Visual Effects artist from the Netherlands.

It all started out when I was studying product design back in 2004/2005 and got my hands first on Sketchup but soon afterwards 3DsMax. After school I started modelling at home and it didn’t take long for me to finish my first 3D model which was a cube with raytracing on a reflective floor 😀
After that it was time for my first serious model which was a SdKfz251 halftrack. Over the years I kept modelling, texturing and trying out all facets of 3D work after school and over the weekends building up a nice little portfolio of work.

When I finished my Product Design course in the Netherlands I moved to Lincoln in the UK to do both the Bachelor and Master (2008-2010) in Product Design as well and all the while I kept doing 3D work on the side.
At this point the hobby also started to turn into a freelance career for Dutch but also international clients which expanded my knowledge quite a bit.

In 2011 I really wanted to make 3D/VFX my full-time job and applied at quite a number of studios and got hired by the Moving Picture Company (MPC) in London as a Texture Artist initially but very soon afterwards I was modelling as well. Learning Maya was pretty easy since most major 3D package all function roughly the same but the buttons are called different and location at other places in the UI. This is also where I got into contact with software like MARI and NUKE.
Since then over the years I’ve working at most of the major VFX studios in London (MPC, Framestore and Double Negative) and have learned a lot in the process as well as meeting so many skill full and kind people.

Then in 2017 it was time to try something new and I decided to apply at smaller studios in the Netherlands to see if I could put the skills and knowledge I’d gathered over the years to work in a “teaching while working” kind of role. From a selection of offers I decided to start working at Peek Creative Studios in a very small 3D team as they wanted to bring the quality of their 3D work to the next level.
During my time there I’ve learned as much as I tried giving back myself improving the skills of the 3D team.
The projects I get to work on are challenging on both a technical level but also in the time frame they have to be completed as this is measured in days/weeks rather then months.
Also, I got to learn yet another new 3D software, namely Cinema4D, so that makes 3 🙂

Recently I’ve also started to expand my skills into programming C++ and Python to be able to make my own, but also company tools.

To be continued……